Colombia to Win the World Cup in Russia 2018

Bet all your money on Colombia, its a sure thing. Colombia to win the world cup!

OK – so I am exaggerating a little, with the help of some patriotic bias. We Colombians are a very patriotic bunch. The national anthem is sang twice a day at 6 am & 6 pm in Colombia – “Viva Colombia!” (Not to be confused with the budget airline).

What are Colombia’s Chances?

Everyone knows the best football players come from South America – right?

Maradonna, Messi, Neymar, Zico, Garrincha, Pele? – OK, so they are all Brazilian and Argentinian.

The truth is, there have been a few great Colombian players in the past. Unfortunately, they come along very infrequently.

At the moment our team is too inconsistent to mount a serious challenge. We beat France 2-3 in Paris a few weeks ago, and then drew 0-0 with a very poor Egypt, not long after. That highlights another Colombian issue, we only step-up in the big games.

France v Colombia 2018

Who Will Win it?

France and Brazil are my two picks. Yes, we beat France in Paris; but friendlies are different. They have an incredible squad, and one of the best front lines in world football. Brazil are not a classic Brazilian team, but they have been through a transition period, adapting to the modern game.

When Does It Start

The World Cup starts on June the 14th 2018, with the hosts Russia v Saudi Arabia (10am Colombia time).

Colombia World Cup Fixtures

Colombia play their opening group game against Japan on the 19th of June. The game takes place at the unfortunate time of 7 am in Colombia. This is followed by a potentially group topping match against Poland on the 24th of June. The final match is against Senegal are on the 28th of June

19th June – Japan (7am Colombia time)
24th June – Poland (1pm Colombia time)
28th June – Senegal (9am Colombia time)

If you dont have a team for the world cup, your team gets sent home early, or for whatever reason. Consider supporting Colombia. It will be a roller coaster as usual, with some interesting celebrations.


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